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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The right Worm for the Job

The industrial espionage ring broken by Israeli police over the weekend, where private investigators hired a programmer to custom-create a Trojan horse that was then planted on rivals' PCs, is only the most recent evidence of a trend towards smart targeting by hackers, a security analyst said Wednesday.
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It is easy to think of the threat to server security as coming from generalized worms which are simply destructive. However, worms can and as this story shows, are being used to access targetted information.

Watch out for tele-commuters

Viruses and spyware protection must exist both on the individual systems and at the perimeter. Perimeter protections can include firewalls and e-mail products and services. Companies need to block attacks before intrusion and catch those that get through as quickly as possible. Remote workers who can be a huge source of problems, particularly if they are using an inadequately protected VPN (Virtual Private Network) pipe.
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If I want to access your system I might try to go through the main firewall; but why bother when you have workers at the end of insecure connections?